(Really) Young Entrepreneurs

Thou shall not pass without buying some lemonade or iced tea

My kids are always starting businesses. They aren’t often successful businesses, but I love their effort and their indomitable spirit.

The lemonade business has been pretty good, but only when they time it right. The front-yard restaurant was surprisingly successful despite them selling only imaginary food. But the rock business! That one was horrible.

Both my kids love rocks. They don’t love rocks so much that they’d be willing to buy one, but their love for rocks is so strong that they believe other people would gladly pay 50¢ for any one of the small stones they’ve pulled from the creek behind our house.

Two winters ago, when the lemonade business wasn’t really a good option, they set up their rock stand and tried selling to passers-by. Whenever anyone would get close, Alex would shout, “Rocks for sale! Get your cool rocks here!”

Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough foot traffic for them to get any real traction, so they decided to take their game on the road. They bagged up the rocks, and started walking around the neighborhood. I tagged along.

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Boys and girls are different

My son and I have birthdays in the same week. For his eighth birthday, he received some money from my brother (his uncle) in a birthday card. Within the same envelope was another card for me, in which my brother had inserted my birthday present: two pennies. Thanks bro!

The envelope within which both cards arrived was addressed to my son, as was the card containing his folding money. The card with the pennies was addressed to me. My son insisted that his uncle had intended the two pennies for him, as they’d come within the envelope that was addressed to him. I argued that the pennies were clearly meant for me, as the card into which they were taped had a hand written note for me.

We discussed it for a few minutes, each of us arguing plausible scenarios that would support our position. Finally, my five year old daughter intervened. “Why don’t we just call him and ask!? Give me the phone,” she demanded.

In response to her question, I turned to my son, “What do you want to do? Call him and ask him what he meant, or decide right now?”

“You can have the pennies,” he replied.

In my experience, there are innate differences between men and women.