Get some sleep

Lamenting that you can always do more leads to feeling you’re never doing enough, which leads to guilt, then stress, then loss of sleep, then sickness, then increased vulnerability to serious illness, then serious illness, then permanently impaired facilities, then an inability to do anything at all. This is a trap. Don’t fall for it. Get some sleep.

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Today is Luna's birthday

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Walking with Kpeasey

I’ve been a slack runner this year, and that just ended. These guys have gotten me off my butt and back out on the trails.

Earlier this month, the Bleacher Report featured the  accomplishments of Atlanta brothers Kyle and Brent Pease, the Kyle Pease Foundation, and the Walking with Kpeasey campaign.

Kyle and Brent are competing in the Wisconsin Iron Man on September 9. Cheer them on, and then come run with them on one of their Atlanta races this fall.

How I got started on paleo, and some resources for beginners

I began this post as an email to a friend who had called asking about some paleo resources. I now receive those sorts of calls at least once per week, and his call finally prompted me write something down in a place that’s more easily sharable. This post assumes you know at least a little about paleo. If you don’t, go here.

Some history: I started “low-carb” at the end of the summer of 2007, a few months after my daughter’s birth. I remember seeing some pictures of myself from a beach vacation, comparing those with pictures from college, and deciding that it was time to pay attention to my health. Technically, I re-started low-carb, as I had experimented with it in my mid-20s after reading about the evils of sugar in Sugar Busters. Back then, though, I didn’t really appreciate my mortality and health, so I didn’t stick with it.

I moved (evolved?) from low-carb to paleo after reading this interview with Nassim Taleb about four years ago. The article isn’t about paleo at all, but I found his occasional references intriguing enough to do some research. The little information I found was compelling enough (and resonant enough) that I got started immediately. At the time, the mainstream still labeled it downright crazy (just as they had labeled Taleb several years before). Now that all sorts of folks are writing about it, it might be high time for me to find a new eccentricity. Continue reading “How I got started on paleo, and some resources for beginners”