All I want for my business for Christmas

Here’s my Christmas wish list:

Recruiting. I’d like two more friendly, accomplished, and committed web application developers; a stalwart sales and support engineer who can also shoulder some product analyst responsibilities; one more talented web designer; and a healthy pipeline of candidates for our sales and support team.

Sales & Marketing. I’d like a simple way for us to track opportunity sources, particularly when multiple sources contribute to the opportunity’s creation. We’re doing an OK job tracking the primary opportunity source, but I sense that we’re missing something by not recording and reporting on all the other sources that have contributed to the opportunity’s creation. As a bonus, I’d like this gift to come with an elf who can go back through all of our opportunities ever created, and append accurate information.

Office Space. I’d like a 5,000+ square foot office space option in Midtown ATL that welcomes sweet dogs; has a wonderful outdoor space (rooftop would be ideal); has great lunch options within an easy walking distance; has excellent light, tall ceilings, and a very cool build-out; and will cost us less than $20/sf.

Health insurance. I’d like simple health insurance options that reward healthy lifestyles in a meaningful way; require very limited administration; and empower our employees to make their own decisions about how to invest the health insurance money that our company spends on them.

What’s on your list?

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