Turner Field and Opportunity Cost

I am just fine losing the Braves Stadium to Cobb County. Stadiums are questionable investments in the best of circumstances, and even if you can wrench something positive from them, you’re still stuck with a giant empty parking lot sitting on land with which you could confidently earn a considerably higher return.

The above image shows the location of Turner Field at the same scale as significant parts of Little Five Points, Virginia Highland, Buckhead Village, and Midtown. I threw Venice in there to get people really thinking about all the options. To paint the picture more clearly, the stadium and all its parking would take up a space in Midtown as tall as from 8th Street to 15th Street and as wide as West Peachtree to Juniper.

If you’re trying to build a thriving, durable, and vibrant city, always choose urbanism over a vast, single-use, and mostly vacant ego structure.

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