Don’t buy what they are selling


This afternoon, I stopped into a very small (ie 20′ x 40′) drug store in a little NC town. Half their shelves are dedicated to normal over-the-counter stuff like hydrogen peroxide, band aids, and decongestant. The pictures above are from the other half of their shelves.

There is a lot of talk out there about gluten free, paleo, and low carb, and, honestly, I buy most of it. Following a contrarian nutrition path has helped my health. And in my journey, I’ve come to believe that the most dastardly villain of all – the one that increases susceptibility to and amplifies just about every illness from depression to cancer – is not carbs or gluten, and it’s certainly not saturated fat. It’s refined sugar.

Refined sugar in all its forms is in just about all packaged foods, most baked goods, and practically every condiment except mustard.

Read labels, avoid refined sugar, eat real food, and you’ll find yourself needing the stuff they sell behind the counter less and less.

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