The cutting room floor

A couple months ago, GuildQuality introduced a new service that helps homeowners or prospective homebuyers find a builder, remodeler, or home improvement contractor. Internally, we’ve been referring to it as Find.

This is a pretty big expansion from our core bread-and-butter service of customer surveying for contractors. Since 2003, the best contractors in North America have relied on our surveying to help them deliver great service. When we launched way back when, we focused solely on surveying homeowners and homebuyers on behalf of builders and remodelers. We quickly found that our information was useful to anyone interesting in learning more about the great companies we work with. So that led to us in 2004 to introduce company profile pages for our members. Over the years, we added more and more to those pages: pictures of work, social media integrations, public reviews. Etc. etc.

We realized that there were byproducts from serving our GuildQuality members that we could repurpose in new and valuable ways. We created member profile pages after we realized that we had a ton of feedback that, if repackaged, was really useful for the prospective clients of our members. We introduced reviews after we realized that we were already going to the effort of prompting a customer to share their feedback in our surveys, and we could easily give them the chance to share a review as well.

Now, years later, we find ourselves with tons and tons of great information from both homeowners and contractors from all over the United States and Canada. We have enough that we can now share powerful information about who’s doing what sort of work in which locations. If you’re in Seattle and need a new home or renovation, we can help. If you’re interested in finding a Charleston remodeler, we’ve got you covered. If you’d like to replace some windows in your Bethesda home, we know who you need to speak with.

We’re really excited about Find. Check it out, and don’t hesitate to share your feedback.

What are your byproducts? What assets are you developing that you’re not leveraging? What are the sorts of things that you’re leaving on the cutting room floor?

P.S. Here are some more ideas about using your byproducts from the folks at 37signals, circa 2009.

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