Business Idea: Airline Passenger Congeniality Score

Someone please take this ball and run with it:

I consider myself a reasonably congenial airline passenger. I travel light. I’m trim. I don’t smell too horrible. I’m not a chatterbox. Yet somehow, I always find myself seated next to the least congenial people in the world.

I would be grateful if someone would develop a service that enables passengers to rate the congeniality of their fellow travelers.

Over time, passengers would develop a congeniality score, and airlines could use that information to seat people according to their rating. Respectful and sanitary folks up front; discourteous, bag-laden, snot-rags in the back!

While an airline-agnostic rating would be ideal, I’m guessing there would be a lot of hurdles to get to that point. In the meantime, any single airline could easily launch its own version within its mobile app.

Such a rating would promote a culture of civility by making people more mindful of how they affect others.

What do you think? Crazy brilliant, or just plain crazy?

Update: As an alternative, everyone could simply read this post about travel etiquette. (HT @scottlenhart)

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