Hey parents and sitters! Register for Sitterup

You can now sign up for a username at Sitterup.com, my new double-top-secret stealth startup. So head over there and reserve your username — before you get stuck with something like geoffreygrahamatlanta2011.

Once you’ve reserved your own, please encourage every sitter and parent you know to do the same.

What is Sitterup? Sitterup will help sitters sit more for the good kids and parents they know and trust.

It won’t be a “find a babysitter or caregiver” service — Wendy and I already know a handful of exceptional sitters. Instead, Sitterup will make it easier for sitters to share their schedules with the parents for whom they regularly sit, help parents book their trusted sitters faster, and we might even throw in some mobile payment processing just for fun.

So if you regularly babysit or have children yourself, reserve your username now, and we’ll let you know when we launch.

Urgent versus Important

Our entire lives began to focus on things that were urgent but not important. There’s some meeting at work, or the car needs to [have its emissions checked], or one of the kids has an appointment — all of it seems urgent, but none of it is important. And then you realize it and you say, ‘AAAAAAAHHH!!’

Laureen Hudson, reflecting on the moment she and her family decided to take a different course with their lives.